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Explore zest with the new kid on the block.

Zest it up with the new oat milk on the block!

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Oat Milk Lite

Oat M!lk Zero (250ml x 6)

No Fillers, No Junk.
No Palm Oil
No artificial colours & flavourings
No Preservatives
No Gums & Thickeners
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oat-diences saying.

“Oatbedient is true to its word - definitely less sweet than what's out there in the market! As I grow older, my health takes priority and I appreciate that there is a plant-based, dairy free alternative I can consider. Try it for yourself!”

— Kimberley Kiew

"Taste really good and glad to know that the ingredients are healthier than other options! Quality is awesome! clean ingredients! Great product and cleaner option versus other products!”

— Chris

"Product is very nicely packed and good quality. I like the chocolate one the most especially during colder days or air-conditioned office. Very comforting. Can be a light breakfast drink. Not too sweet."

— Darryl Ng
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